Graham Leslie McCallum

The tree of happiness flowers and fruits most abundantly for the creative man

My Books

Blog, Website, Books image bMy passion since a child has been books and the valuable information they contain. This love has compelled me to write and illustrate books, and to date I have published 12 books. Coupled to this is a compulsion to share (and generously share) the fruits of my creative life for the benefits of other creative people. Could any artist or designer be a selfish person when we have all benefited from the creative pursuits and passions of others who have gone before?

The books I have published…

  • 4000 Flower and Plant Motifs
  • 4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs
  • Pattern Motifs
  • 4000 Alphabets and Letter Motifs
  • 400 Chinese Motifs
  • 400 Japanese Motifs
  • 400 Art Deco Motifs
  • 400 Art Nouveau Motifs
  • 5000 Flower and Plant Motifs
  • Calming Colouring – Patterns
  • Calming Colouring – Animal Patterns
  • Calming Colouring – Flower Patterns


You can read more about each book under their individual subheadings in my Contents list.


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