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‘Hope McCallum’s’ / South Africa McCallum’s

Progenitor – Captain Archibald McCallum


For the sake of clarity and so as to prevent confusion between the different McCallum families who settled in South Africa, I have given them individual monikers so as to differentiate between them. This particular family I named the ‘Hope’ McCallum’s after the name of Captain Archibald McCallum’s ship (‘Hope’), the birth place of his wife (Cape of Good Hope) and the name of their Australian Farm (Hope) where they eventually settled.

It is worth noting that genealogy records from important institutions may not necessarily be correct. A case in point – the incorrect information attached to Captain Archibald McCallum who married a Cape Dutch woman and is therefore recorded in the GISA archives. The lesson learnt is that one should as a rule question all records as being possibly erroneous. If I had taken this advice earlier, I would have saved myself the frustration and difficulty in researching this line of McCallum’s in South Africa.  This line descended from one of the very first progenitors to carry the McCallum surname in Southern Africa and was therefore of great importance. The reason for this is that GISA (Genealogiese Instituut van Suid-Afrika) made an initial error (many years ago) by confusing Captain Archibald McCallum with the Archibald McCallum who became the progenitor of the ‘Carolina’ McCallum’s. This error resulted in many false leads and confusion, not only in regards to the Hope McCallum’s but also for the Carolina McCallum’s with whom this line was erroneously intertwined.

It was only after I researched the movements of the ship ‘Hope’ that I was able to locate Captain Archibald McCallum and his descendants in Australia. This accounts for there being no descendants in South Africa.

Since posting this account of the Hope McCallum’s – I have been contacted by a descendant of Captain Archibald McCallum in Australia who found the document on the internet. Ann Brockhurst has given me additional material and this is now included in this updated posting.

Captain Archibald McCallum was born 9th of April 1788 in Scotland and Baptised on the 15th of April 1788 at Greenock, Renfrew. His father was Archibald McCallum and his mother Catherine.

He was the Captain of the ship ‘Hope’ a 273 ton barque that traded between the ports of the Cape of Good Hope, Australia, New Zealand and India. The ship ‘Hope’ was built on the Clyde, Scotland, and carried many settlers to Australia and New Zealand.

Archibald must have found himself in Cape Town in the years prior to 1833, for he marries Martha Maria Jacoba De Villiers on the 23 of February 1833 at St. George’s Anglican Church in Cape Town. Archibald is recorded as a bachelor aged 45, and Martha as a spinster aged 26 years. Witnesses to the union were Mr. Bernardus Josephus Van de Sandt (husband to Martha’s sister Susanna Johanna De Villiers), Miss Anna Becker and Mr. William Vawser. The presiding officer was the Senior Colonial Chaplain. Martha Maria Jacoba De Villiers was born on the 22nd of October 1807 and baptised on the 15th of November 1807 at Swellendam, Cape of Good Hope. Her parents were Johannes Albertus De Villiers and Susanna Johanna Dojema. The well known De Villiers family descend from French Huguenots who fled France because of religious persecution and settled at the Cape Of Good Hope. Her siblings were Maria Johanna De Villiers/ Elizabeth De Villiers 1/ Elisabeth De Villiers 2/ Jan Dojema De Villiers/ Susanna Johanna De Villiers 2/ Helena Hester (Esther) De Villiers/ Pieter Jan Albertus De Villiers/ Susanna Johanna De Villiers 1.


Marriage Cetificate of Capt. Archibald McCallum, Hope McCallum's



Archibald and Martha left the Cape for Great Britain – for their first child is born in the maritime city of Liverpool, England on the 22nd January 1835. She is named Susannah Aletta McCallum after the child’s maternal grandmother.

Their second child was born at Seacombe, Chester, England., on the 2 January 1837. The child is named Archibald McCallum.

Some time in the next two years, the McCallum family leave England and sail to Australia. On the way the ship would have put in at Table Bay, Cape Town, and one can only wonder if the family visited their relatives.

On the 23 February 1840 a third child is born at Parramatta, New South Wales, and named John Donald Van de Sandt McCallum. Note the presence of a Mr. B. J. Van de Sandt as a Witness at the parents marriage in Cape Town.

A fourth child, Maria Jane McCallum is born on the 9th of January 1842.

On the 14 January 1844, a fifth child is born to Archibald and Martha McCallum at Goulburn, New South Wales, and is named Argyle McCallum (Argyl McCallum), possibly after the area in Scotland where this McCallum family had originated from. He is baptised on the 24 February 1844 at Goulburn.

Their last and 6th child is born on the 30 December 1847 at the family farm ‘Good Hope’ Yass District, New South Wales, and is named Albert De Villiers McCallum. The child’s second name records his mother’s surname. Albert is baptised on the 30th of May 1848 at Goulburn.


As noted above, the McCallum Family settles in the Yass District of New South Wales, a property bordering the Murrumbidgee River. Archibald calls the farm ‘Good Hope’ – no doubt a remembrance to the Cape of Good Hope and to this earlier ship ‘Hope’.  Archibald occupies himself as a Farmer, Grazer and Prospector.

A level of tragedy is attached to the Hope McCallum’s for their first born, Susannah Aletta McCallum, drowned in the Murrumbidgee River on the 10th of November 1849 aged 14.

Their 2nd born, Archibald McCallum was kicked in the head by a horse as a child and left brain damaged. His sister Maria Jane McCallum never married and devoted her life to taking care of her disabled brother. Archibald junior died on the 28th of January 1912 at Gungerah, North Yass, aged 69.  Maria died three years later on the 22nd of November 1915, aged 73 years.

Their 3rd child John Donald Van de Sandt McCallum died on the 5th of December 1840 as an infant.

In 1877, their 6th child Albert De Villiers McCallum tragically perishes on a station on the Barcoo he part owned, in the far north of Queensland, about 400 miles from Bourke. Accompanied by a man named Martin Cahill they were overcome by heat and lack of water and died. When their bodies were located, a letter was found on the body of Albert, dated 30 December 1877, addressed to his brother and sister. Both were buried on the spot where they were later found. The letter reads… “Dear Argyle and Maria, Mat is ill, and I am dying for want of water. I am praying for rain and you. Mat wants you to break the cause of his death to his poor old mother, and sends his love. I am too weak to write any more, so good bye, old man and woman, and Annie. I hope we shall meet in a better land. Remember me to all them. Albert M’Callum.” Albert was 30 years old and was not married and left no issue. He farmed at ‘Good Hope’ near Yass, NSW, after the death of his father.

Albert addressed his final letter to his siblings because both his parents were dead. Captain Archibald McCallum died on the 16th of April 1867 at ‘Good Hope’ aged 79 years, and in 1871, his wife Martha died at ‘Good Hope’ aged 63 years.


Argyll McCallum

He farmed at Murrumbidgee, NSW.

On the 10th of June 1870, Argyll McCallum married Ann Broughton Campbell. Anne was born 11 June 1849 and Died in 1940.

They had the following 9 children …

1. Annie Hope Mccallum. b 7 June 1871 and died 12 March 1893 aged 21 at Jarvis field, Picton, NSW. Buried in Yass Cemetery.

2. Argyle Campbell McCallum. b 20 January 1873 at Good Hope, near Yass, and died 6 March 1948 at Yass.

3. Robert Archibald McCallum. b 8 October 1874 at Good Hope near Yass. Died 8 Oct 1962 in Pennant Hills, NSW . Married Rubina Louisa Jessie Williams in 1904 at Holbrook. Children – Roma Faith McCallum.

4. Donald Alexander McCallum. b 22 May 1877 at Good Hope near Yass. Died 15 July 1877 aged 2 months at Yass.

5. Susannah Alberta De Villiers McCallum. B 17 January 1879 at Good Hope near Yass, NSW.

6. Roland Keith Stewart McCallum. b 13 March 1881 at Yass. Married his cousin Celia Antill Wade-Brown in 1928 in North Sydney.

7. Una Catherine McCallum. b 20 March 1883 at Good Hope near Yass. Died 24 Sep 1955 in Castle Hill, NSW.

8. Jessie Gertrude McCallum. b 3 April 1885 at Goulburn, NSW. Died 8 Aug 1973 in Watsons Bay, NSW. Married Francis M. L.  Priestley in 1927 in Randwick, NSW.

9. Ruth Marguerite De Villiers McCallum. b 3 June 1887 at Good Hope, near Yass. Died 9 Apr 1962 in Strathfield, NSW.

Three of these children married and had issue.


This McCallum line ended with the death of Robert Stuart McCallum, the last to hold the surname. He  perished of malaria during the 2nd World War on the 21st of May 1943, aged 34, and is buried in New Guinea.

Gunner, 2/6 Field Regiment RAA, Australian Army, Buried at Port Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, Bomana, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.


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