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4000 Animal Bird and Fish Motifs

4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs, Cover

4000 Animal, Bird and fish Motifs, Russian4000 Motifs D' Animaux, D'Oiseaux et de Poissons, 4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs

4000 Animal, Bird and Fish Motifs is a comprehensive collection of motifs taken from many cultures and art movements, from the earliest to the recent. The Contents are arranged into the following chapters –
Stone Age Europe/ Mesopotamia – (Neolithic, Sumerian, Hittite, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian)/ Egyptian/ Aegean (Minoan, Mycenaean, Cypriot, Greek)/ Chinese/ Nomadic Steppe Culture/ Celtic/ Barbarian/ Byzantine/ Medieval/ Islamic/ South American Cultures/ Japanese/ Arts and Crafts/ Art Deco.
This book has been published in English, Russian and French.


One comment on “4000 Animal Bird and Fish Motifs

  1. alwaysdrawingablank
    October 13, 2014

    Just wanted to drop you a line from Cleveland OH, USA that I am a big fan of your motif books! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. They have inspirationally spurred my creativity. I have the 4000 Animal, Bird, & Fish Motifs and 4000 Flower and Plant Motifs. It felt like Christmas today when I realized that you’ve made MORE motif books! I very much look forward to checking them out.

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