Graham Leslie McCallum

The tree of happiness flowers and fruits most abundantly for the creative man


My Eye, Graham Leslie McCallum, 4

Graham Leslie McCallum, Moppet 1971

I love that the internet exposes us to the wonderfully creative minds of people from around the world. Perhaps this is why I seek to add content (and free content) for the enjoyment and use of others. I trust you will find something of value that will spark your own creativity or interest.

Also, I trust this personal blog will serve as a point of contact to the many people who buy and have bought my books. Feel free to contact me.

I am an author and artist who lives a rather simple life in the subtropical city of Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

My interests are…
Design, Drawing, Painting, Doodling, Motifs and Patterns, Calligraphy and Lettering, Poetry, the City of Durban and its History, Art Deco and Berean Style Buildings, my crazy suburb – Manor Gardens, my Environment, Photography, Genealogy, the Saluki breed of dogs.

My other blogs are …

Graham Leslie McCallum, I spy with my little eye, 1973


My Eye, Graham Leslie McCallum


Graham Leslie McCallum, My Eye 5

My Eye, Graham Leslie McCallum, 2


My Eye, Graam Leslie McCallum 3


3 comments on “About

  1. William Paterson. Author
    October 16, 2016

    Wonderful collection of ox wagon illustrations. Someone pinched my Bains book and I was delighted find a Bains illustration which was used on the dustcover.

  2. Chris Capewell
    May 18, 2017

    I have made some studies on the use of Titan blocksetting cranes used for breakwater works the around the world.
    Durban has been something of a puzzle – I am convinced one of the two machines used at Simon’s Town ( ordered by contractor Sir John Jackson ) was re-erected at Durban in the 1920s. This would have been Stothert and Pitt, Bath, order number O 572 of 1900. ( The other Simon’s Town machine ended up back in the UK; at Aberdeen. ).
    There was alsp an Arrol built steam Titan of ca.1930; and a later diesel electric machine in the 1950s ( assumedly Dutch built ).
    Can you assist or enlighten please.

    Chris Capewell, Queens Park, London

  3. hooftales
    August 3, 2017

    Wonderful website! thank you. I came across it while searching for information about horses used in the Anglo-Boer war. poignant stories and hard to think about but much worse if the suffering was forgotten. Barbara Corson Pennsylvania USA

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